Dear visitor,

You are probably visiting this page because of a bot/crawler that has visited your website. I created this temporary page to notify you about the actions my bot/crawler takes:

- It scans your webpages for URL's, the title of the page and Meta-description and -keywords;
- It saves this data to a database;
- It restarts the process.

For the curious; The information I can retrieve from my database looks as follows:

1example.comExample titleMetadescriptionexample, test, hello world

Besides the above mentioned example, there are two more fields in my database. Those fields represent a scan day, and a scan date. With both those fields I control the frequency in which my bot scans your website. There is no more, and no less to this output.

There are multiple goals to this bot

- I try to figure out the most friendly, but still productive way to scan websites;
- I am learning to create a more friendly bot, and a more efficient database;
- I am curious as to what kinds of websites I can find this way, that I couldn't find using conventional search engines;
- I am learning to create more ways to make data in a large pool visible, and easily searchable.

What my bot can't do

- Scan for your personal information (This is true, unless your personal information is open to the entire world);
- Reach places that are protected, or my bot is told not to go to.

What you can tell me
If you are visiting this page, then I hope you are visiting purely out of curiosity. If that is not the case, and my bot somehow showed suspicious behaviour, then I would like you to contact me using the e-mail address listed below. My bot is not supposed to act suspicious, nor should it cause inconveniences. I *will* act on information given, and am happy to see any tips and tricks I can learn from.

Request to stop visiting your website
If you want to stop my bot from visiting your website, please do let me know. You can use the e-mail address listed at the bottom of this page to send in a request. If you don't want to wait and immediately want my bot to stop visiting your website, block the following IP address:

My bot is currently only working from that IP address and is easily blocked. I will expand the list of IP address, if I decide to expand the sources from where my bot runs.

Thanks! :)

Yours sincerely,